Department of Public Administration

Organisation, development and administration of an efficient and effective Public Service


"Towards an efficient public service that enjoys the trust, respect and confidence of the people of Seychelles"

Department of Public Administration Roles and Responsibilities

The Department has the overall policy responsibility for the management of the Seychelles Public Service, to include formulation of efficiency policies on recruitment, remuneration and other conditions of service in Human Resource Management and development in the public sector.

Generally it also has the responsibility to:

  • champion and lead the Public Administration Reform Programme;
  • establish and maintain an administrative framework that governs the organization and functioning of public sector entities through effective monitoring and evaluation;
  • incorporate public service policy, Orders, Codes of conduct, schemes of service and the salary structure; implement an institutional framework in the public service capable of achieving development objectives;
  • provide administrative and technical support through advice or consultancy services; provide the senior corps of Government with their terms and conditions of employment through the Public Sector Commission;
  • formulate and execute policies and programmes with regards to pensions of public officers; administer the gratuity and compensation benefit programme on behalf of Government;
  • promote the utilization of modern Information Communication Technology to improve administrative processes more efficiently;
  • assist with capacity building through identification of training requirements of public sector personnel and develop/identify appropriate training programmes so as to maintain and retain a professional workforce.


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Department of Public Administration structure: