Department of Public Administration

Organisation, development and administration of an efficient and effective Public Service


Seven employees who have worked with the Department of Public Administration (DPA) for between 25 and 35 years were recognised and rewarded for their long service and loyalty.
Employees having completed 25 years and above were rewarded during a short ceremony held in December 2015 at the Ex-National Assembly Hall at National House.

The above training programme took place in Singapore from 25th-29th April in Singapore. The programme provided an interactive platform for government officials to share, explore and discuss issues and challenges that leaders face in public policy development and administrative reforms.The Department was represented by Mr. Michel Bistoquet – Senior Policy Analyst in the Chief Secretary’s Secretariat.

Vice-President Danny Faure has urged all staff of the Department of Public Administration (DPA) to deliver better service, go for high standard and serve with a smile in their everyday work.

In the context of salary administration, general public service means all public service employees excluding CEOs and Constitutional Appointees.