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Department of Public Administration Rewards Long Serving Staff

Seven employees who have worked with the Department of Public Administration (DPA) for between 25 and 35 years were recognised and rewarded for their long service and loyalty.
Employees having completed 25 years and above were rewarded during a short ceremony held in December 2015 at the Ex-National Assembly Hall at National House.

Office services officer Alain Cesar was recognised and rewarded for clocking more years of service with the department, a total of 35. Two employees who clocked 30 years were office assistant Anna Bonne and senior management officer Ketsia Barbier. Four others who clocked 25 years were office assistant Jenita Dogley, management officer Kathleen Rose, principal management officer Cecily Derjacques and senior management officer Marie Nella Gonthier.

The awardees received gifts, a trophy and certificate each. In addition, eight office assistants were presented with gifts to commemorate ‘Secretary Day’ which they did not get the chance to celebrate earlier this year.

Deputising for the Chief Secretary –Public Service Ms. Jessie Esparon, Director General –Public Administration & Compliance –Mrs. Ivonia Richardson made a short address for the occasion. 
She remarked that to be a public servant is not always easy especially in our modern time as the expectations of the public are high and they are constrained by several factors which very often are difficult to communicate and to understand.  “Yet as dedicated public servants we are guided by our superiors in the delivery of services to everyone’s satisfaction,” she said.

She congratulated all the long-serving employees with special mention to those receiving the awards and commended them on their dedication and loyalty to the service and their good work. The ceremony was also attended by the Vice-President Danny Faure, who is also the Minister responsible for Public Administration.

Mr Cesar worked for two years at the Standard Bank before joining DPA in 1980. He said he lasted this long through obedience, perseverance and loyalty and he advises others to do the same in their jobs. Mrs Derjacques, who worked for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs which was then called Ministry of External Relations and Environment before joining DPA, said she loves her job because it is interesting as she deals with lives and careers of others on a daily basis. She advised others to know what it is they want to be a success. “Although there are difficulties you need to know what you want to do and what gives you personal satisfaction, when you have that then you can work throughout these difficulties,” she said.